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SurveySpot (Survey Sampling International LLC) - Online Paid Surveys For Money
SurveySpot is rated 3 (three) ★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepting members from: USA
Minimum age: 18+
SurveySpot is an online market research company that allows members to earn money and other rewards by taking paid surveys. There are no costs associated with joining the panel and you can unregister any time. Once you complete their surveys, you'll have the opportunity to earn money and will be automatically entered to their quarterly prize draw. You can complete as many or as few surveys as you wish. They will definitely provide you with many. 
This paid surveys panel will send you 5-10 survey invitations daily, where about 50% of them will offer a cash reward, ranging from $1 to $40. The other half will only offer sweepstake entry. All you need to do is go through all invitations and pick the ones that offer surveys for money. What I noticed over the years is that while some surveys don't offer cash reward, they often do offer product testing. I am a huge fan of these surveys even if they don't pay anything. I just really like testing new products :).
SurveySpot uses point reward system that is very simple to convert,. Surveys offering 200 points pay $2, surveys offering 500 points pay $5, surveys offering 1,000 points pay $10 and so on. I don't mind their point system because it doesn't confuse or distract me from my main goal; getting paid for surveys with cash. Many survey panels use their point system to make me feel like I am getting paid. In reality, if I take a closer look, many of these point systems are designed for one sole reason: to create an illusion of me earning money.

I have seen people get irritated with nonpaying survey invitations from SurveySpot. I must disagree and defend the panel. If you want to stick to paid surveys only just apply easy and simple solution: reply only to cash incentivized surveys. There are still plenty of those to choose from. One thing should consider opening all invitations since sometimes the email header does not mention cash reward but the survey actually pays money.


When it comes to SurveySpot's main sweepstake, it offers up to $12,000 in quarterly drawing prizes. Members receive an entry each time they participate in a survey. Rewards in the form of cash can be redeemed via PayPal and you can request cash out as soon as you reach 1000 points ($10). I usually receive my money within 2 weeks from the date requested. Overall, SurveySpot is a very solid survey site that pays.

 Join today and you will earn a free entry into $25,000 worth of cash sweepstakes.

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4000 points = $40
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