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SurveySavvy is one of the best survey sites currently operating on the internet. They offer not only online surveys, but also focus groups (most profitable) and telephone interviews. SurveySavvy was the first survey site that I joined about six years ago. My positive experience with this panel set a standard for me and became my motivation to look for more similar legitimate survey sites.
Typically, I receive 5-6 invitations per week, rewarding from $1 to $20 per survey. It is not unusual for SurveySavvy to send me $80 or even a $100 focus group invitation from time to time. I made a screenshot of my email inbox containing typical survey invitations that I receive from Survey Savvy. I placed the picture at the bottom of this page. As you can see SurveySavvy offers great incentives for their surveys.
While other survey sites may sometimes be a little of with time accuracy, SurveySavvy estimates have never failed me (or rarely enough to not remember such accurance). Estimated time that should take us to complete survey is always "right on the money". Additionally, if you won't qualify for a particular survey, they will still reward you with a free entry to monthly drawings of fifty $10 prizes.
SurveySavvy does not offer any big sweepstakes since they don't need to. SurveySavvy is a perfect example of survey site where panelists are rewarded properly for their time spent on answering survey questions. I personally don't really care that there is no major sweepstakes. I get paid for my time; it's all I ever wanted from survey sites.
Another great part of SurveySavvy is their patented referral program. You can invite anyone interested in making some extra money to join SurveySavvy. Inviting is easy since SurveySavvy is a great and well established research company with proven track record. That makes inviting your friends and family to join the panel absolutely safe (please remember you can create only one account per household). SurveySavvy will not embarrass you, sending cheap invitations to your friends like some other survey sites could.
Benefits of the referral program:
- you get rewarded when you complete a survey
- you get rewarded when your family and friends you referred complete a survey
- you will also get rewarded when referrals of your 1st level referrals complete a survey
After signing up you will receive your personal and unique link that you can share with others. Anyone that signs up with SurveySavvy through your link will be automatically placed in your downline. Here I would like to ask you, please share this link only with people interested in surveys. I personally don't SPAM and it is against SurveySavvy's advertisement policy.
If you wonder about my downline, it is not big, but very active. After inviting a few friends that were truly interested in taking surveys I receive on average about $20 every month from their activity. There is only one other (to my knowledge) survey site offering similar reward system. SurveySavvy referral system is patented, unique and very attractive.

SurveySavvy may not send many invitations, but in most cases they offer above industry average reward. I know many survey panels that send out tens of invitations per day, while not offering any surveys for money, only sweepstake entries. What is worth 20 invitations a day if they offer you nothing more than a chance to win your payment? I for one, like to get paid for my time, not leaving it to a very remote chance.


I strongly advise you to complete your personal profile after registering with SurveySavvy. Completing the member's profile will allow the panel to invite you only to surveys that you may qualify for, instead of throwing all they've got at you. Some other sites do that which leads only to frustration - when you can't qualify for a single survey while your inbox is full of invitations that shouldn't even be there at the first place.

PLEASE NOTICE:  If you ever receive survey invitation that asks for a telephone interview, I think you should go for it. I say that because I did. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I decided to give it a try. After less than 5 minutes of answering questions about home appliance I got paid $10. It was great and all, getting $10 for less than 5 minutes, but that is not what's most important.
After I completed this telephone interview I noticed an increase in the number of well-paying surveys. That telephone interview took my invitations to another level. I realized that a good relationship with the panel is what gets you more invitations and better rewards. Survey panels need to know if they can trust you with their high profile customers. By participating in telephone interview you will (like I did) validate yourself as a trusted front runner when it comes to top paying surveys. It's worth it!
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Update: o9/27/2016
I have given into the app. Over last year I have noticed that I started receiving many surveys that were available only to members with SavvyConnect app. Until this point I did not believe I need the app to earn good money with Survey Savvy, but now I see there is no way around it. I did not notice any changes in my browser so far and I had the app for a month. It's not as bed as I thought it would be, but still, I wish I would not have to install  the SevvyConnect.
Update: 04/24/2013
If you would like to receive even more money earning opportunities from this great survey site then I have some good news for you. SurveySavy just launched its SavvyConnect panel, that you can join in addition to your regular SurveySavvy membership. You will be given an option to install a special app on your computer that will allow you to get paid for surfing the web. It is a free, easy and 100% safe installation, that automatically enrolls you into SurveySavvy behavioral research panel.
SurveyConnect app will not affect your computers performance or surfing abilities, but it will give you a chance for additional paid research opportunities.
Update: 08/29/2013
Video dedicated to visitors that doubt integrity of my survey info.
Please allow few seconds for this video to load.
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