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Paid Surveys Reviews



I've put together a list of cash rewarding market research companies offering paid surveys online that I currently work with or I have worked with in the past. I rated them based on my own personal experience, extensive research and comments received from other panelists.


Listed by me companies are legitimate and they will pay you cash for completing of simple online surveys that usually take between 5 to 20 minutes. Market research is largely based on consumer's opinion and online surveys give research companies a perfect tool for getting it in exchange for a reward.


Usual topics of legitimate surveys may include cosmetics, cell phones, movies, groceries, video games, laundry detergents, appliances, TV shows and much more. Each of reviewed by me companies received ratings from five stars (offer best and highest paid surveys) to one star (is a generally waste of time). Companies with higher scores of 4 & 5 represent the best option to get paid for surveys.


My evaluation ratings are based on the following:


                                                                                  - number of invitations

                                                                                  - incentives offered

                                                                                  - time needed

                                                                                  - payment form and promptness


Listed companies are free to join and your membership can be canceled at any time. This page contains ratings and brief descriptions, but in-depth reviews are available for those who wish to receive more information. Most of listed sites require you to live in USA or Canada but few accept panelists from other countries as well. Generally you can get paid to take surveys no matter where you live. 


Every company featured in this listing legitimated itself with a payment. I attached reward images for you to view. I am an active panelists with proven knowledge and experience that makes me the best source of free information about paid online surveys you could ask for. Unlike other sites, I can back it all up with images of real payments and invitations!




NOTE: It is essential to a survey taker to sign up for at least 20 survey panels. This will provide sufficient amount of daily invitations and ultimately allow the panelist to select and participate in market research studies that offer best suitable reward in most convenient time frame. Survey sites rated 3 stars or more are great source of survey invitations. Sites rated with 3 stars for that matter may be rated lower only because they send out limited amount of invitations, and often they may send not many, but very well paying surveys.

Please click the site link to view the review and images of payments and invitations.
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