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FusionCash - Get Paid To Click Website Review
Fusion Cash is rated 3 (three) ★★★ out of 5 (five)
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FusionCash is widely regarded as a great paid to click, read email, take surveys and complete offers website. I agree, with the exception of one part of  FusionCash. I will elaborate below in "Get Paid To Click" segment of my review. You don’t need to spend any of your own money to earn with FusionCash. The panel has been around since 2005 and became accredited with Better Business Bureau in 2009 with A+ rating. After you sign up with FusionCash and confirm your e-mail address you will be automatically credited $5 into your account. There are many ways to earn. I will go over some of them later on, but just to name a few: you can earn by clicking on ads, posting blog comments, surfing the web and taking surveys.

Get Paid To Click - over 2 cents per click!

This panel use to be great for those earning via clicking. I say use to be because FusionCash made it a bit more difficult lately. The panel still offers over 2 cents per click, but as of lately there is an extra requirement. In order to get credited members need to do some other activity on the website, like for example watch paid video. You can still get 15 cents every day just for clicking on 7 links and these links are still available to me every day, but clicking on them use to have no strings attached. Such change is a little let down for me.
If you already click on ads, I am sure you know that it is hard to find “paid to click” websites that pay more than 1 cent per click. I personally know only two other websites that pays 2 cents per click: Hits4Pay and ClixSense. Just being mentioned with Hits4Pay and ClixSense (as a paid to click site) puts FusionCash in a group of “must join” websites for anyone wishing to earn through clicking on ads.
Paid Offers
You can make money with FusionCash by trying out products and services through trial periods for which you will receive $3 to $20 (per trial). As long as you cancel before the trial period is over this way of earning money does not cost you any money. I personally suggest not using sign up offers to earn money, but it’ only my opinion. I always keep forgetting to cancel :). You do need to use your credit card to sign up for these offers and that alone is a “no, no” for me. Sign up offers require you to pay close attention to trial periods and you must cancel to avoid being charged.  Sure you can make some extra money by doing this but it won’t last long, because eventually you will run out of the offers to try anyway.
Paid Surveys
FusionCash has a designated page with surveys. All you need to do to participate is click on FC Surveys and select surveys you would be interested in participating in. I visit this page and see if they have any surveys worth my time. I select best paid surveys and see if I’m able to qualify for any of them. FusionCash is not my primary “to go” survey site, but I take their surveys from time to time. I prefer FusionCash as my ad clicking site; in fact it’s one of my favorite click sites.
Referring Others
I highly recommend referring others to FusionCash. The referral reward is very simple. You will receive $1 if someone signs and confirms their e-mail. $2 if someone you referred completes paid survey or paid offer. $5 every time any of your referrals cashes out. This panel’s system is great for those that wish to start earning residual income with their down-lines. There are not many sites on the internet that use such simple and rewarding system to down-line owners. It’s a great way to earn!
I recently received great $52 check from FusionCash. Having said that, I still can’t give this panel five star review, for one simple reason; $25 payout minimum is a little high. Sure earning with this website is easy as 1, 2, 3 and it took me only 3 months to get $52, but I think payout threshold should be set lower. I also should mention that I completed few paid surveys and had few friends to sign up as my referrals to reach $52. Paid surveys and referrals helped me earn more and speed up my cash out. I did not complete (or start) any paid offers. As I stated earlier, I am not a fan of paid offers.
FusionCash have a very strict Terms of Service and I have heard around the internet many of their members complaining about forfeited payments and accounts being terminated. FusionCash, as well as other similar earning clubs do not allow multiple accounts at same household. Many accounts have been terminated for that simple reason, sometimes even without intentional fault of account's owner. Here is why.
Earning sites like FusionCash, InboxDollars, MyPoints, CashCrate or SendEarnings use tracking system that recognizes users IP address. For those that are not familiar (in simple words) an IP address is an “internet access gate”. Every internet account has its own IP address. All household computers connected to the internet through the same internet account will show the same IP address. Many people try to open multiple accounts using different computers at their household in order to be able to create fake accounts. These fake accounts than are used to multiple participation in paid clicks, paid surveys, paid offers and other paid activities. It is nothing more than cheating and it’s understandable that it’s not tolerated by sites such as FusionCash.
Having said that, I must ad that honest mistakes do happen and some account may get terminated because their owners don’t know one simple rule. They should not use public internet to access FusionCash (or any other website that uses IP tracking). Tracking system is automatic and it will suspend any multiple accounts that log in from the same IP address.
It is important for those using public internet access; places like libraries and coffee shops. There is a big chance that someone else, also having FusionCash account, at some point signed into their FusionCash account using library’s or coffee shop’s internet IP. Tracking system will store it in its memory. As soon as someone else uses same library’s or coffee shop’s internet IP to sign into their own FusionCash account, system will automatically recognize it as a multiple accounts and most likely both accounts will get suspended and terminated.
To avoid being a victim of such honest mistake you should stick to logging into your FusionCash, CashCrate, InboxDollars, SendEarnings and other similar earning sites through your own, private internet access.
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