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E-Poll is rated 2 (two) ★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepts members from: US
Minimum age: 18+
E-Poll is an easy and a fun to join panel that offers rewards for online surveys.  This panel does not offer cash, but it does offer gift cards to many very popular retailers like, Starbucks, Best Buy and such.
Surveys offered by this panel are very interesting and they usually revolve around television and pop culture. I've been offered 5-10 surveys per month and they paid $1-$4.
Majority of surveys I received asked about my opinion of celebrities and how do I think their image would go along with different products. I think through this panel, members decide who appears in certain product advertisements. Other surveys asked what do I think about currently airing TV shows.
As you can tell surveys are very easy and fun to do, especially if you know a lot about TV shows and celebrities. This could be a great panel for younger generation, and I don't just say it because their are into celebrities. Teenagers usually have a hard time to find panels that offer something they would be interested in participating in.
E-Poll panel pays points redeemable for gift cards. They use to offer cash through PayPal, but sadly no longer do. This panel maybe doesn't pay much but I think it offers great back up survey source. I joined this panel about 10 years ago and I really enjoyed it in the beginning. I am not very active with E-Poll at this point for three reasons.
First: I am an "older" guy now and I am not into celebrities these days as I use to 10 years ago. Back than I use to watch Oscars every year. Last time I watched it (in full) was... about 10 years ago :). When comes to TV shows, I have kids now and less time to watch them. I often don't even know the names of actors in hit show everyone is talking about. That is why I am having hard time to qualify for e-Polls surveys these days.
Secondly: my survey time is more valuable now. I am a member of 30+ survey panels and I usually pick only cherries out. I usually start with surveys that pay $5 or more and E-Poll doesn't offer many of them. That does not mean that it is a bad survey site. Please remember that typical surveys offer $1-$10. E-Poll offers $1-$4, and most importantly, you get cash. It is harder and harder to find panels that pay cash these days.
Thirdly: they no longer offer cash. Sure gift cards are still much better than sweepstake entries, but I don't like to be limited to specific retailer to use my earnings. I do like and I do shop there often, so I do not mind Amazon gift cards, but cash is always my favorite.
If you decide to join, E-Poll will not sell, distribute, or make available in any form personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, phone, or email) of any member or guest of the site without their expressed permission (opt-in) as outlined in this privacy policy. E-Poll will not send you any junk mail! It is a research company, not marketing company.
If you know your TV shows well, this one could be the one you will have the most fun with. Surveys are easy and fun, panel is safe, free to join and legitimate.
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