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About Paid Surveys and Online Research


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The sad truth about paid surveys is that most of paid online survey review sites reveal information that is incomplete or only partially accurate. In fact, the web offers lots of good and free information about paid surveys and online research companies that offer free, legitimate and highest paid surveys for money, but usually all that information is never in one place. Majority of survey reviewers don't have survey experience. What they really do is recruit new members for survey panels that pay them the most. Majority of witch I would never recommend!



So, what are surveys for? Companies around the world pay millions each year for market research that allows them to understand better the needs of their customers. Every company looks for an optimal way of implementing new or improving their existing products or services and the best way of doing that is simply asking the consumers for their opinion through surveys. It is not a new concept by any means and surveys have been conducted for a very long time.



The old fashioned surveys involved only eye-to-eye focus groups or telephone interviews which were very expensive and time consuming. Modern research companies rely on the internet more than ever for two simple reasons. Internet paid surveys allows them to gather more information by reaching a much larger number of consumers in a much shorter time-frame.



Anyone can participate in a survey (as long as they meet survey qualification criteria). No matter what's your age, occupation, ethnicity or even time at day or night it is, internet research companies are always waiting for your valuable opinion. Anyone with an internet connection and a little time to spare can make extra money each month from the comfort of their own homes! Companies around the world are interested in your opinion and they want to pay you for it!



At I evaluated and reviewed a large group of legitimate market research sites that have been the best (or worst) places to get paid online surveys. You can review my ratings at Paid Surveys Reviews site review page. So far I posted and reviewed only good panels. I believe there is enough negativity on the internet to waste our energy on bad apples. Over time I will post and review few of survey sites that were less than honest in their practices, but for now I would like to concentrate on good survey panels.



Entire content of my website comes from not only extensive research (claimed in most other survey info sites) but also, and most importantly, from the real "hands on" experience. Learning from experienced survey taker could give you the necessary edge and help you avoid many frustrations. First of all I did not review survey panels just because they offer surveys. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of survey sites out there, but only handful of them offer straight up cash for their surveys. These are the sites that I work with and I can prove that I made money with them. I am not attempting to tell you with survey sites you should/should not join. All I would like to do here is show you which sites I was most successful with.  You can decide for yourself witch sides to join. I just hope to make your selection a bit easier. Good luck with your surveys!

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