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Hallo everyone, I hope you are all doing great. My name is Sylwester Kopec and I’ve been taking surveys for money since 2006. So far I have earned a little over $18,000 by taking surveys, with majority of it made in last 2 years.


I didn’t get rich by taking surveys, but I think I did quite well. Especially considering the fact that I took all these surveys after work, usually while watching TV?


The main objective of my blog is to show you that you can really get paid to take surveys. It may take some time and effort, but the rewards are pretty sweet... if you know what to look for.


On a day to day basis I am a husband, father and part time trucking manager. I have spent 12 years over the road working as a truck driver, until I met my wonderful wife. In 2010 after my baby girl was born I decided to retire from driving. It was then, when surveys became something more than just a “cute” hobby.



How did it start?


Initially I started taking surveys over 8 years ago but I wasn’t really serious about it at the time. I completed maybe a few surveys a week back then with most of them rewarding me with sweepstake entries. I wasn’t really getting paid for my time so I considered surveys to be a hobby. It was late 2009 when my approach to surveys changed. I was tired of sweepstake entries and I decided to look for look for surveys that will actually pay me money.



Paid Surveys


I remember one survey site (SurveySavvy) was sending me great invitations, but the rest of panels I was a member of, were just sending me junk. I decided to set SurveySavvy as a golden standard for my future surveys. I signed up for about 50 new survey sites and slowly started weeding the bad once out. It took me a while, but it was worth it. At this point I have established trust of survey sites and I receive many well-paying surveys, often not available to new members. Please don’t think that getting in the good graces of survey panels is that difficult. It is not. All you need to do is be honest and play by the rules. I invite you to visit my FAQ page for some obvious no no’s.



I believe talk is cheap


If you wonder what separates me from any other survey reviewer, the answer is simple. Just see where else you can view examples of actual payments and invitations. Sure other reviewers may be better writers and have nicer websites, but that’s about it. Remember - talk is cheap. Just claiming the experience does not make it so.



For those interested, in addition to all images that I posted on my blog, I have few You Tube videos as well. Here is a link to my You Tube channel


I hope my reviews will make selecting survey sites much easier. If you have any questions please send me an email. I wish you best of luck with your paid surveys!

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