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Hits4Pay (USA) - Pays You To Click On Ads
Hits4Pay is rated 5 (five) ★★★★★ out of 5 (five), as a Paid To Click, not a survey panel.
Accepting members from:USA
Minimum age:18
Hits4Pay is one of the best Paid To Click websites where its members are getting paid for surfing internet and viewing advertisements. This type of site is designed to bring traffic to other internet websites that are willing to pay for it. Why would they do that? They do it for various reasons. Here are some of them.
All websites could get traffic to their pages with many, usually very costly techniques, like for example paying the search engine for placing their advertisement over the generic search results. You can easily spot these ads if you use Google search, they are placed at the top on slightly pinkish background. These are paid positions.
If we click on the ad Google gets paid for it by interested site, but that does not mean that the click itself will generate the "lead" (or sale if you will) for the site that paid for it. This can get very costly, since in many cases competition drives prices for such service sky high. Sometimes we are talking here about $10 or more per such click. Using as an example, you will never see me purchasing top positions from Google (or any other search engine) because is a free info site and I do not generate any sales. I simply don't have money for it... or desire.
The most cost effective way of getting visitors is positioning the website high in organic search results , but it is difficult due to large amount of competition. I'm sure you understand there is only 10 spots available at the first page of Google, but hundreds (most likely thousands) competitors. Even getting to the promised land of Google's 1st page does not guarantee any results. How often do we even go all the way to the 10th position? Usually we will find what we need within top 3. Getting visitors is not easy, Hits4Pay makes it easier.
Another reason for websites to pay Hits4Pay and their members to visit their pages is attempt to build reputation. As you understand the best way of getting traffic is through positioning high in Google's generic search, which is free. Google uses many factors in deciding which sites are worthy of being placed high. One of them is number of repeat monthly visitors. More visitors that come back, more valuable the content must be as you understand. In exchange for visiting the sites, members get paid and sites build their reputation, get visitors (and potential consumers).
I like Hits4Pay and I visit it frequently, about 2-4 times a day. Hits4Pay has a 2c standard rate for clicking on the website link and usually they offer about 5-6 links daily. Sometimes I get more, usually around the weekend or Holidays. It takes 60 seconds to get credited (use to be 120) and unlike at so many other PTC sites, you don't need to keep viewed site in focus. You can click on the ad and then go on with your business for 60 or so seconds. Than you can come back and click on the next ad and repeat.
As always with PTC sites getting referrals is very important and can increase your profit dramatically. With Hits4Pay you will receive 1c for every site visited by your referral. Referring others to this panel is not difficult since Hits4Pay is legitimate and it pays well, but it is limited to residents of US and Canada.

I cashed out 3 times so far from that panel, each time around $25. I have another cash out awaiting to be processed. They process cash outs automatically after you reach the minimum, currently set at $25. PayPal is the only way to get your money. Waiting time for money to get to your PayPal will very since they process cash outs only once a month, usually on the 1st. If you reach $25 on the 2nd you will have to wait until next month for your payment to be processed. After it gets processed you should receive your earnings within 3 weeks.
Hits4Pay will not make you rich and you wont make much in a month, but it buys me a and my family a nice dinner once a while. Easy money.
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