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Please note: For those truly interested in finding out how online surveys work I invested large amount of my time to record videos that show my real survey checks and real survey invitations. There are no tricks on my website and all information is real and absolutely free. As you spend some time studying this info you will see for yourself that my survey experience is unquestionable and content of my website is highly unique, but that doesn't mean much to search engines like Google or Yahoo!. They are unable to distinguish real reviews from the fake once and number of questionable reviews available online makes access to my information very difficult. I would like to share my real survey experience with others for as long as I can, but survival of my website is highly dependent on its popularity. Please help me share my experience by G+ or Facebook Like that you can find below. Thank you... Please scroll down for survey payment images.

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Real examples of legitimate and 100% FREE paid online surveys for money. Reviews and tips on how to get paid to take the highest paid surveys online.
First of all, thank you for visiting If you are looking for truth about online surveys, not just empty promises, you found it. I will not hold anything back and I will tell you what is all the fuss about. Here at you will find things that you must, should and need to know about online surveys.
I think it's safe to say (since you are here) that online paid surveys cut your attention and now you look for some solid information on how to use them to earn extra money. There is so much of conflicting information about surveys on the internet that it's near impossible to figure out where lays the truth. Quite frankly, if you wouldn't end up at my site, you would be most likely still scratching your head. Yes, it's that bad.
If you did any research so far you know that generally people have two opinions about surveys. One half will tell you they are great, another half will tell you they are a scam. Unfortunately both opinions are correct, to a certain degree.
I'm afraid there is no way of explaining it in one sentence, if that's what you hoped for. If you looking for a one-liner that sums up everything, then you most likely already made your mind about surveys, long before your arrived at my site. If you truly want to understand why even legitimate survey sites are being called a scam from time to time, you need to keep reading.
First, let me get few things out of the way:
- surveys are not for everyone, they require time and patience  
- surveys will not allow you to quit your job, 
- don't believe in promises of quick cash
- if you look for reliable information, look (and ask) for a proof,
- most importantly, be realistic
So, can you make money with surveys or not? As I mentioned earlier you will not get rich with surveys, but contrary to those that claim you can't make money with online surveys, it's quite the opposite. You just have to know how, and where. Replacing your primary income with surveys may not be possible, but you can still make some extra money taking surveys. Remember: if someone tells you that you can make 1000's of dollars per month from home just by watching movie trailers, they most likely try to sell you something and definitely likely are full of it.
Making money with surveys is not complicated, if only all these well-paying survey sites everyone is talking about were a bit easier to find. So why are they so hard to find? The simplest and most accurate answer to that question would be this: there are just not many survey sites left that are willing to share profits with their members. They all make money, just not many wants to share.

Surveys For Money vs Sweepstake Entries

Currently the internet is flooded with sweepstake entry survey sites that do not offer direct monetary incentive for completion of their surveys. At these sites only few panelists lucky enough to win the sweepstake will ever get paid for their time. I for one, don't think this reward system is fair at all. I believe that majority of people prefer to take surveys for money instead of sweepstake entries. I don't know about you, but I personally like to get paid to take surveys with cash. I don't see any reason why I should settle for sweepstake entries while cash paid online surveys are still available.
... paid surveys for cash, sweet cash:

Opinion Outpost Payment Image

 Please visit Opinion Outpost page for full review and recently posted very important update

Make Sure You Get Paid To Take Surveys

When comes to paid online surveys, you need to ask some simple and obvious questions. Is it really possible to get paid to take surveys online? Are these surveys for money or sweepstake entries (a very important question). Are they indeed as easy as they claim to be? Will they really pay you $10, $20, $30 or even $50 for nothing more than your opinion?
Please remember that it is easy for anyone to make empty promises. I see them all over the internet and actually that's how I was initially drawn to surveys when I clicked on very attractive ad "make $25-$75 taking surveys". Sure it sounded to good to be true... and it asked me to pay one time fee of $27, but it looked so convincing... and I desperately needed it to be true.
For that $27 I received a list, but no direction. I had a huge list of survey sites in m hand, a list that I did not know what to do with. Many survey panels offer surveys, but with no direction we can't know which sites we should sign up for, which sites are actually good and which we will just waste time with.

Directories of Online Surveys Sites

Plain list of survey sites by itself is almost useless. There are hundreds of survey panels out there. While many of these survey sites claim to offer the best and the highest paid online surveys for money, I understand it can get really hard to figure out what's real and what's not. Even many of typical paid surveys review sites don't do us any favors.  Very often their reviews are based only on research, not actual experience. That would explain why sometimes they recommend paid surveys sites that I personally never would.
I for one, would recommend survey sites that send out well paying surveys!
... let's say just like the one below:

MindField OneHundred Paid Survey Invitation

Please note: This is one of my best survey invitations that I ever received from MindField. You should not treat it as a typical survey invitations from MindField or any other survey panel for that matter. If someone tells you majority of surveys will offer that much, they are not honest with you (to say the least). Even if I receive invitations like the one above from time to time, that does mean all my invitations offer that much. That also does not guarantee that you will receive such invitations either. It also does not mean that you won't. I want everyone to have realistic expectations. I used this invitation only to demonstrate what's possible, not what's a standard. One thing is certain, you will have to sign up with MindField to at least give yourself a chance to receive such invitations. Registration is safe and membership is free. Please be realistic in your expectations.
Paid Online Surveys Can be a Goldmine
In case you didn't know it by now, the survey industry is a goldmine, if you know where to dig! Companies around the world pay billions of dollars each year for paid online surveys that allow them to better understand the needs of their customers. Every company looks for an optimal way of implementing new or improving their existing products or services. The best way of doing that is simply asking the end user (us) for an opinion.
Make Money Online Without Spending Any
For many of us sharing our opinion is the only way we can make money online without spending any. From my experience, there is only a handful of survey sites that pay well for consumers opinion. Trust me, they all get paid big bucks to do the research, just not many of them want to share it. 
I know for a fact that hundreds of survey sites try to advertise themselves as well-paying sites, while offering only minimal reward for their surveys. For that reason alone, all survey sites (good and bad) get often labeled as "scams". Fortunately there are still few honest survey sites, that respect our time and value our opinion.
... below check from one of them:
SurveySavvy Payment Image

Reviews of Paid Surveys Online

Generally I would say survey review sites would be the safest way to go in selecting good survey panels. Unfortunately it's just a wishful thinking. You see, majority of survey review sites will offer you no help at all! In most cases you will get subjected to a fancy website with a fancy pitch from a recruiter that have no real experience with actual paid surveys online. If reviewers don't take surveys themselves, how can they ever tell you which survey sites are good and which are just waste of time?! What they in fact do is sweet-talking you into signing up for sweepstake survey sites which pay the most money for new members. That is why they can never back anything up with images. Such "reviewers" usually offer nothing more than meaningless and empty promises!

Finding Legitimate Paid Surveys

You should always ask these self-proclaimed survey experts to prove their experience to you. Simply ask them to show you some money they have earned participating in these real and legitimate paid surveys. Same surveys that they are now trying to get you to sign up for. Wouldn't that be fair? After all you're not looking for an inbox full of "free offers" and "chances", but a way to get paid for surveys - with money!
Please remember, before initiating any relationships with any survey panel you could always double-check their reputation with other trusted sites like or Wikipedia.
... example of a focus group invitation from one of the reputable survey panels:

Inspired Opinions Focus Group Invitation

Example of "on location" live Focus Group. It is not an online survey invitation.

Real Paid Surveys Reviews

I recorded few videos with my checks and survey invitations. I took an extra step here to help you decide which survey sites are worth the effort. I did not mean to suggest which sites you should join, but to show you which sites I was most successful with. The decision will always be yours on which survey panels would suit you the best . I will attempt to provide a video for every survey panel review page on my site. 
You can start at Paid Surveys Reviews page where I placed links leading to detailed reviews and videos. Every review will also have images of real payments and real invitations. I received them from real survey panels for real market research studies that I actually participated in. I hope all these images will make selecting process much easier for you.
I would like to assure you, all survey sites listed on my blog are legitimate and 100% free to join. As you can see from the images they also pay well, with some offering hundreds of dollars for focus groups!

Free Well Paid Surveys are Hard to Find

I make money with online paid surveys now, but it wasn't easy at the beginning. My own research, before I finely started to make some decent money with surveys, consumed hundreds of hours. Now, from the perspective of experienced panelist, I can see how incomplete and sometimes misleading online information about free paid surveys can get. I was affected by this on a personal level. I wasted a lot of time with wrong survey sites. At the end it was the sole reason why I decided to launch this paid surveys reviews site.
I would like to help anyone who is interested in earning some extra money with legitimate paid surveys. I am aware that many panelists get fulled and mislead by dishonest practices of some shady survey sites. I was a victim of such practices and I did not benefit from it in any way. My goal is to get others earning money as quickly as possible, without going through hours of research, trials and disappointments! I do not miss my failures and wasted hours taking surveys I was never meant to get paid for. I deserved to get paid for my time, so do you... with CASH!
... below one of my best survey invitations:
Surveyhead Paid Survey Invitation

Searching for Highest Paid Surveys

I wasn't fortunate enough to find a survey review site such as mine when I was looking for highest paid surveys. You see, most paid survey info sites reveal information that is usually incomplete, most likely outdated or only partially accurate. Web does offer lots of good and free information about free and legitimate paid online surveys, but usually all that information is never in one place. Collecting of all the necessary information about online surveys will take you weeks, if not months. I promise you, you will quit and declare surveys to be a scam before you get anywhere near the truth.

Get Paid For Surveys

If you are interested in facts, not fantasy stories, I have them for you. If you look for proven and reliable information on how to get paid to take surveys for money, from legitimate paid surveys sites, you found it. I know everything there is to know about how to get paid for surveys and I am giving this first-hand information to you absolutely free! I give you a shortcut to the best and most productive survey panels currently operating on the internet.
You Have A Head Start
Just by reading the information contained on this front page you are way ahead of many new panelists that started their survey adventure with wrong expectations, outdated information or simply wrong survey sites. I hope that you will find my blog helpful and quickly start generating income, while having fun doing so. I also encourage everyone with previous survey experiences (good or bad) to share them with others. Lets help each other to avoid scams, failure and disappointments. Lets make survey experience as valuable as possible.

Earning Money Online is Easy, Getting Rich is Not

At the end I would like to ad something from my personal perspective, as a stay at home dad. Paid online surveys and focus groups strongly supplement my family's budget. I know from my own experience that they can be perfect for those looking for flexible additional income: employed, unemployed, retired and students. Most and foremost it can be a viable option to earn money online for moms and stay at home dads (like myself). With no time requirements and pre-set schedules surveys can be completed at any time of the day. Anyone with hectic life schedule knows how important  that can get sometimes.
PLEASE NOTE: Even though surveys are a legitimate way of earning money online they are only meant to provide a supplemental income. There were never meant to replace your primary income. Please don't believe if someone tells you so, be realistic and never pay for the information. Legitimate surveys are always free.
Take Surveys For Money!   Get Paid For Your Time!   Good Luck With Your Surveys!

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